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Beyond Kedron

I started this when I was living in Chicago and have been meaning to get back to it ever since. I was going to name it 'In the Garden' but I realized I already have a painting with that name (you're not ready to see that one yet). I'm posting this in it's unfinished state because... well, because I Like it, and it's different than most of my work, and if my blog is any barometer of dilligence, I may not finish this for many more years.

Men and a tree

A tree from thompkin's square park drawn at night


This is Dave Reeves.


He stayed with me at 65 st mark's place along with Micah Gaugh and Doug Meckley.

Here's a picture of Micah.


This is Micah Gaugh asleep.


this is Micah Gaugh still sleeping




These sketches (exempting the tree) were made somewhere from fall of 93 till spring 94.

Central Park


So I haven't blogged in a while. or more than once.

I'm working in the parks, now that it's warm, and have been making sketches of trees as well as drawing people. I'd like to start including a sketchbook here if I can surmount my blogg-diligence impotence.


this painting is the first-on site landscape I've done in acrylic.

I'm thinking about attacking it in the studio.

This "in progress" painting is the second acrylic landscape, a view off my back porch.

here is a tree


there are much better trees coming.

this is the sky.


here's a plant on my porch at twilight.


I would visually regail you with my sketchbook now, but I held the camera too close and all the pictures are bluurry.