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is over!

Thanks for all your support!

We've shipped out the last few pieces, found our camper, and are off on our travels.
You can continue to follow our story on, and we hope you will!

Yes Folks, I've been hauling out sheaves of my past and beating the chaff off my art stash.  I've uncovered a lot of fermenting fruits-of-my-labor that I'm finally tossing in the Art Press, stomping out for you the giddifying wine of my life at a fine low price for 2 short weeks before I cask it in deep storage.

That's right.  The family and I are putting everything in storage, packing tools, canvas, and books in a camper and taking a yearlong trek around the country from friend to friend fixing, building, painting, anything that needs doing for enough gas to get us to the next friend (Are you my friend?) 

Our end goal is finding a mountainside roost to settle and begin building a sprawling association of sculptural dwellings for the reception of friends and events.  You can follow our progress at All coin received goes straight towards buying a camper, and I will gladly barter my art for things on our desires list

This stash spans my life from 9th grade to the present.  Here are some points of reference as you browse: 1991 I finished High School, 92-93 I went to Pratt, 94-96 my years at Cooper, 2000 I married, 2003 I moved back to NYC. 

So thanks for looking.  I will be making art as we travel but what you see here will not be seen again for many years, unless, of course, it's hanging on your wall, like a certificate of friendship.  "Oh, Hi Friend!  I see you hung that painting in the laundry room.  Lovely vintage.  What's that you say?  Your porch steps need fixing?  Just let me unpack my tools ... "


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