Having made a fair dollop o'dough yesterday, a Monday in Central Park, I strode out today (Tuesday) with the confidence that 2 dollars, enough for one subway ride, was all I needed.

Well, that was dumb. If Tuesdays were ever thought of as slow for business today was the day. I spent all day working on Monday's Oil Pastel (which you must see)without drawing anyone. By the time 8:PM rolled around I was alone with no money to go home. Did I mention that today I also decided to skip breakfast? and forget my water bottle?

So, as I contemplated my options, a little chinese artist (I thought they were all gone) wanders up with his suitcase packed and asks me "how business". I gave him the big thumbs down and he asks "how many?" I give him the big fat zero and ask him "how many did you draw?" He shakes his head and says "I no portraits". "Oh" I say " You don't do portraits, what do you do, paint names?" "No no" he says "I no draw....today portraits" I got it.He didn't do any portraits either. Then he says "Go tomsquare" "Thompkins Square Park?" I asked. "No, toms square" "Oohh, Times Square" I divined. He nodded energetically. "very...very people, toms square" He gesticulated. So I went to times square. And I'm too tired right now to tell you about it but I will tomorrow.

Here's a picture of my brother Nathan observing the clouds