Felix part 2

Ah, yes, Felix had a soft spot for pretty ladies and spent the next 45 minutes talking to 2 girls and their mother who were already being drawn. Anyone passing, who looked at me drawing, had pictures of Scarface and Bruce Lee shoved under their noses and hurried past before I could turn around. Felix brought the girls over when their drawing was finished. They said they wanted to see the baby pictures. I looked at Felix. He was cradling a baby of air then pointing at my sketch pad. I hauled out my pad with 6 pictures of Douglas I'd made from photos.

"Ohhhh.... that's so sweet," they tried to leave for 15 minutes, turning to go and having Felix grab their arm to say one last thing. They did escape and Felix began to tell me about a great place to get food. we were both starving, so biding a half hour more with no customers, I packed up and we left.

After many pantomimes, I accertained that we were headed toward a food cart vendor on 56th. It was about 2:am. I determined I would pay for Felix's meal, which he said was 5 dollars. It then occured to me how strange it was to be helped all night by a stranger in Times Square. 'Matter of fact,' I said to myself, 'he watched me make $145 and now he's taking me through a part of town where no one will hear if I scream. ' I looked at Felix; he was holding out his arm to stop me from crossing the empty street, earnestly looking both directions, then waving me forward. No, all my instincts said I could trust him. I left a flag up in my head to be wary and kept walking. Felix elaborated on the dangers of not hearing traffic.

By this point, I was a fluent charader and enjoying it.

Felix never stopped talking. He is 43, deaf from birth, and always throws his trash in the trash can. I asked him about this, sweeping my arm about at the trash plastered sidewalk as he walked 30 paces to drop a candy wrapper in a can. He poked his finger at the sky and mimicked someone looking down, shielding his eyes. "Ohh...," I said, "God's watching you." He went on to tell me how important it is not to peeve the Big Guy in the sky. In my mind I was replaying the video of him entertaining 3 artists with an animated display of how he would treat some rather voluptuous and thinly clad beauties who passed, pointing to the Double Tree Hotel, licking the back of his wrists and washing his ears. I concluded his theology was that God likes us to pick up trash.