Once there were these two boys living in Brooklyn named George and Bob.  Now George was the older and he was Eight.  Bob was Four. Every morning when they got up, their Mom made them oatmeal.  Her name was Georgia.  This wasn't your Quaker Guy Quick Oats- this was like a multi-grain bird feed that had to be soaked overnight before you could cook it.  Their Dad called it 'Gruel,' but it tasted pretty good with honey and cream. His name was Bruce and he was a musician. Every evening after the boys brushed their teeth and cleaned up their toys, Bruce would play them a song before bed on his keyboard.  Sometimes it was one he made up and sometimes it was one someone else had written.  On this night he was making one up called Parasite Boogy about teeny worms that live deep in your sinuses and make you dance when they crawl.